Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory Review

The Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory is a sleek MIDI keyboard Controller that comes with its own impressive sound set.

Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory Review

Using their experience with synth emulation, Arturia pairs their popular Analog Laboratory software with a hardware MIDI keyboard controller. The result is a MIDI keyboard package that gives you two products for the price one.

With its looks and aesthetics alone, this keyboard is a standout in its price range. Its slender shape perfectly matches its wood-like sides, giving the instrument a very classy overall appearance. The buttons, knobs and sliders are beautifully arranged into a compact interface, making them easy to operate and very pleasing to the eye. The Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory is simply a beautiful instrument, whichever way you look at it.

As we all know, beauty is quite pointless if its only skin deep, thankfully the build of this keyboard is on par with its aesthetics. The chassis is sturdy enough for use as your main controller, the keys can take a beating without breaking, while the knobs, faders and pads are expected to do what they do for a long time.

The 49 keys that come with this keyboard are velocity sensitive and feature aftertouch, and many are quite pleased with how the keys translate playing style into digital music. Although not as impressive as the pads found on other keyboards, the pads on this unit can get the job done. The knobs, faders and buttons found on the keyboard also respond well, and are performance worthy.

The controller is designed for deep integration with Arturia's Analog Laboratory software, and it turns many of their popular virtual synths into a hardware instrument. It can also work as a universal MIDI keyboard controller for use with your favorite software or MIDI compatible hardware.

The Laboratory software that comes with this unit has over 3,500 presets directly taken from Arturia's popular synth sounds. Accessing the sounds is quite easy, and it comes with a unique feature called "Scene mode" where you can split the keyboard and assign sounds as you prefer.

If you are into synthesizer sounds and you are looking for a reliable and stylish hardware controller, then you should check out the Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory.

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