NAMM 2014 Top Picks

Here are some of the gear that had our interest piqued out of the many new product releases at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show.


Korg Keytar RK-100S

After 3 decades, Korg decided to bring back the RK-100. Now with a wooden body, new ribbon controller that runs along the keys and other added features.

The new "Keytar" is planned for release on June or July, with a retail price of $699. Visit Korg for more information.

NAMM 2014

QSC TouchMix

Touch screen technology has invaded all facets of life, NAMM included. The QSC TouchMix wow'ed many of the NAMM attendees with its bulk of features and impressively compact form. Check out the presentation video:

Both the TouchMix 16 $1299 and TouchMix 8 $899 are scheduled for release in the middle of 2014. Head over to QSC Audio for the complete specs.

Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter

This analog filter effect has caused quite a buzz - featuring LFO and Envelope controls that can let you tweak it for use with any type of instrument. Check out the demo:

It is scheduled for release within a month and a half, with an expected price tag of around $275. Visit Waldorf for more information.

Bitwig Studio

We featured this upcoming digital audio workstation software early this month, and now they have finally confirmed the release date and price tag of the newest music production software to hit the market.

Bitwig is scheduled for release on the 26th of March, with a price tag of $399. Head over to Bitwig for details.

Moog Sub 37

This 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer is another favorite on the NAMM floor, it is based on the award winning Sub Phatty sound engine with wealth of knobs for creating your sound.

The new Moog Sub 37 will start shipping in May, with a price tag of $1500. Check it out at Moog Music.

Let everyone know what your favorite NAMM 2014 products are by posting your comment below.

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