Nektar Panorama P6 Review

Nektar Panorama P6 continues to be the most sought after MIDI keyboard for Reason, thanks to its great hardware action and deep DAW integration.

While other MIDI keyboards try to be generic and versatile, this unit goes against the norm by specializing on a specific DAW (digital audio workstation) software, the popular Reason from Propellerhead. Having been designed with a specific DAW in mind makes it extremely efficient and powerful, you can use it as an instrument or directly access Reason's myriad of features and parameters.

As expected, the keyboard aspect of Panorama P6 is quite impressive, with users commenting that its semi-weighted 61 piano style keys respond and behave really well.

The 12 built-in performance pads are just as impressive, ideal for creating percussion tracks both in the studio or live. With its keyboard controller aspect alone, the Panorama P6 is well worth its price, and it has been used with other DAWs to great effect .

Pairing up the Nektar Panorama P6 with Reason DAW is where this unit truly shines. It transforms from being a simple MIDI keyboard into a dedicated hard synth workstation. With its wide selection of faders, pads, encoders and buttons, the Panorama P6 is designed to give you control over all the features in the latest version of Reason. It even has a large LCD screen that lets you see what functions you are using and what the settings are in real time. Rounding up its nifty DAW feature is a single motorized fader that can be used to control and set your channel automation.

Nektar Panorama P6
Panorama P6 Pictured Above

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