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Behringer releases the UL2000M wireless mic system

Behringer has announced the highly anticipated release of the ULTRALINK UL2000M UHF wireless microphone/receiver set. This new wireless system feat...

Read more 30.10.2012

Groovebox announces Music Production with Reason 4

Grooveboxmusic announces "Music Production with Reason 4". Available for pre-order right now, this groundbreaking collection of video tutorials run...

Read more 03.10.2012

PowerFX releases Tribal Tech House

Add some digital voodoo to your tracks with the latest PowerFX sample library Tribal Tech House. This exciting collection of beats, basses, synths...

Read more 25.08.2012

Zaxcom expands feature set of TRX Wireless Microphone Transceivers

Zaxcom has debuted two new features for its TRX family of wireless microphone transceivers. The companys TRX systems are now available with a wirel...

Read more 15.04.2012

ModernBeats releases Hit Theory Music Producer Ebook

After more than a year in the making, Modern Beats releases its first ebook on music production entitled "Hit Theory". Hit Theory serves as an inva...

Read more 15.04.2012

Other recent news:

» Audio Ease releases Altiverb v6.3 16.12.2008

» Blue Cat Audio updates Analysis Pack and launches Winter special offers 16.12.2008

» G-Sonique releases Pultronic EQ-110P 16.12.2008

» Vienna Symphonic Library releases Solo Strings II 16.12.2008

» Muse Research announces RECEPTOR 2 PRO and RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX 16.12.2008

» Victor Cerullo releases Max Magic Microtuner 2.0 16.12.2008


Tom's Music Thing - Ten awesome homemade guitars

J chot writes: HEY GUESS WHAT!!! I spent the entire day at work searching the words "made guitar" and "built guitar"! Here are the most interesting...

Read more 19.12.2012

Tom's Music Thing - 7 things I learned building my first DIY stompbox

I just finished s very crude and not entirely DIY analog delay pedal. I didn't do any of the difficult circuit-building bits, I just re-housed ...

Read more 31.10.2012

Tom's Music Thing - Insane Japanese/Finnish anime mashup

OK, this takes a little bit of explaining. Vocaloid is a bit of Yamaha patented software which can sing - input the notes and the lyrics and off it...

Read more 20.09.2012

Tom's Music Thing - Behringer's ever-expanding pedal range

I feel slightly mucky to admit that one of the few things that really caught my eye in all the Messe coverage was Behringer's fast growing r...

Read more 05.04.2012

Weekly Editor's Choice Award - Aria Maestosa v1.2b3

Aria Maestosa is an open-source MIDI tracker/editor. It lets you compose, edit and play midi files with a few clicks in a user-friendly interface o...

Read more Comments(0) 19.12.2008

Other recent features:

» Weekly Editor's Choice Award - Strum Acoustic Session v1.0 21.11.2008

» Weekly Editor's Choice Award - Sonic Charge Synplant v1.0 14.11.2008

» Tom's Music Thing - Tom Bugs teaches DIY synth building in four hours 14.11.2008

» Weekly Editor's Choice Award - Numerology v2.0 beta 29 07.11.2008

» Tom's Music Thing - Review: Arturia Origin 07.11.2008

» Weekly Editor's Choice Award - Livid Union v2.5.2 31.10.2008

Music Blog

Which music production software would you choose if stuck on a deserted island?

I've just finished reading Richard Laymon's novel, Island, and it got me thinking about the age-old question: what one item would I want wi...

Read more 25.05.2012

Oldest known recordings of computer generated music unveiled

A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood are thought to be the oldest known recordings of computer genera...

Read more Comments(0) 19.06.2008

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