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Weekly Editor's Choice Award - TBK3 Uber Compressor v1.0

TBK3 Uber Compressor is a dynamics processor unlike any other. Beneath its simple interface lies a radical analogue modelled compressor that can be pushed much further and harder than you ever imagined possible. In essence TBK3 is analogue compression taken to the extreme.

TBK3 takes advantage of the digital domain to extend analogue circuit designs far beyond their normal physical capabilities, enabling a level of creativity not normally associated with this type of processor. Subtlety is definitely not a feature of this compressor.

This "Über Compressor" can be used to bring lackluster sound back to life, or to mutate audio into apocalyptic soundscapes.

Like the other plug-ins in the Sonalksis Creative Elements range, the TBK3 is designed to be efficient, intuitive and direct - and therefore very simple to use, providing great results with minimal effort.

BK3 Über Compressor Screenshot

Win- Full Description, System Requirements and Download

OSX- Full Description, System Requirements and Download

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