Access Virus TI OS 4.5.3 is now available

After a number of public beta versions, Access has released the latest OS update for the Virus TI series of synthesizers, OS4.5.3, which will add vintage effects and modulations to your Virus TI Synth.


The update will give you the "Vintage Chorus" an effect modeled after a popular '70s era chorus effect. It features a flexible subset of parameters that you can seamlessly morph into various types of emulation without having to stop the sound. With this you can easily emulate the chorus ensemble sound of the '70s and '80s.


Another added effect is called the "Air Chorus", based on creating the chorus effect in the air, right in between the speakers. It is distinctive because it works more subtle and opens the stereo panorama naturally and transparently without audio intrusion.

A Roatary Speaker emulation is also added into the OS4.5.3 update. It offers the usual fast/slow controls in conjunction with more creative controls like microphone distance and crossover settings.

Finally the new update will allow you to add that "analog" feel to any of the parameters available within the 100+ modulation destinations. You can do this via the new modulation matrix sources that adds "unsteadiness" to the sound, emulating the sound of those slightly damaged or poorly designed vintage synths.

Here is a demonstration of the new features of Virus TI OS4.5:

The new update is downloadable free of charge from the Access Music Website, head over to their site for further information.

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