Auria: 48 Track iPad Multitrack Recording App Launched at NAMM 2012

Auria is a new iPad Multitrack DAW from WaveMachine Labs - the same company that brought us Drumagog for Mac and Windows


The Auria 48 track digital audio workstation has been designed exclusively for iPad.

It can record up to 24 tracks simultaneously when using compatible USB audio interfaces, and it can play back 48 tracks simultaneously on iPad 2 (only 24 tracks on iPad 1). It has a 64-bit double precision architecture, and can export/import using the AAF format which means you can shift your work to major DAWs like Pro Tools.

All of these features make one of the most advanced iPad DAWs yet released, and suitable for professional recording use.

In addition is has a vintage-inspired channel strip on every channel, plus a mastering processor on the master and subgroup channels.

Auria is also the first iPad App to support VST plugins (iOS format only), and it comes bundled with convolution reverb, stereo chorus and delay, classicVerb and a pitch processor.

Plug-ins by other companies such as PSPAudioware, Overloud Audio Tools, Fabfilter and more will be available through in-app purchase.

It also features total mixer automation including all plugins.

The price will be $49.99 and it is expected to be available in the iTunes App Store sometime before the end of March 2012 - we'll keep you posted.

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