Band-in-a-Box 2012 for Mac

PG-Music updates the Mac version of their music accompaniment software, Band-in-a-Box 2012, with over 50 new features and 101 additional RealTracks.

Band-in-a-Box 2012 for Mac

The update brings the total number of RealTracks to more than 870 - covering a wide assortment of musical styles including Jazz, Country, Pop and Rock. This essentially gives you 1000 hours of studio quality accompaniment recorded by real session players.

Loops are now supported by Band-in-a-Box 2012, you can play an audio loop (M4A, MP4, AIFF, or WAV file) on any track. For more musical options - custom MIDITracks can now be taken from any Band-in-a-Box style and played on a track within your song. You will also find taht EZ selection of “DrumGrooves” has been added; these are different grooves within RealDrums styles. Other notable new features include the option for simpler RealTracks, styles, and song arrangements, and there are many more.

Another plus is the AmpliTube CS guitar amp simulator that is now included - which will let you play with over 150 "Direct Input" guitar-based RealTracks. You can customize these DI guitar tracks by loading them into a DAW to add custom amp and pedal effects using the new guitar amp simulator.

Here is a video that showcases some of the new features and RealTracks found in Band-in-a-Box 2012:

This intelligent automatic accompaniment system lets you create music by just typing out your chord progressions and choosing the particular style. Band-in-a-Box does the rest of the work generating a complete professional quality arrangement of bass, drums, piano, guitar, strings or horns in a wide variety of popular styles. You also have the live audio samples - RealDrums and RealTracks - recorded by studio musicians for use on your music project.

Band-in-a-Box is available in various packages:

  • Band-in-a-Box Pro: $129

  • Band-in-a-Box MegaPAK: $269

  • Band-in-a-Box UltraPlusPAK (Hard Drive): $469

  • Band-in-a-Box EverythingPAK (Hard Drive): $569

  • Band-in-a-Box Audiophile Edition (Hard Drive): $669

For more information, you can visit PGMusic.

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