- New Video Service with Social Networking Features is a new video sharing network with integraded social networking features, available for music lovers of all backgrounds.


This site was designed for creative people who wants to share their videos with other creative people for genuine networking and feedback.


All you have to do is perfect your craft, capture it in a video, upload the video to and utilize the social networking features to make sure the video has all the needed exposure. is not just about exposure, it also aims to reward quality videos that were properly networked. It features a monthly music and lifestyle video chart, where in Beat100 members can join by uploading their video. Other Beat100 members can then vote on which they think deserves to win the monthly prize amounting to around $2000.

With this reward system, Beat100 members will not be putting up their videos just to forget them the next day, the system will encourage each creative mind to build a network, generate feedback and get better quality videos as a result.

Beat100 also has other interesting features like games, lifestyle video charts and seamless social networking integration.

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