Blue Cat Audio plug-ins now bundled with Feeltune's Rhizome


Rhizome is both a musical instrument and a production station which runs Windows VST effects and instruments.

In addition it also allows you to sequence, sample, control other synthesizers, beatboxes and effects with a single interface offering the same direct approach of groove machines.

And now Blue Cat Audio have struck a deal with Feeltune to bundle Blue Cat's plug-ins with the Rhizome.

Here's the official announcement:

Blue Cat Audio and Feeltune are happy to announce a partnership for the integration of Blue Cat Audio plug-ins into Feeltune's musical workstation, the Rhizome. Blue Cat Audio's famous suite of free plug-ins now come pre-installed on the Rhizome, and offers a fully integrated experience with Feeltune's unique workstation.

"We are happy to welcome the Blue Cat Audio team aboard the Rhizome project, the first generation of new French touch groove machines designed by Feeltune." says Nicolas Piau, inventor of the Rhizome and CEO of Feeltune. "Our companies are both focused on innovation, and teams share the same passion for music and sound. We naturally decided to work together on the next generation of creative audio tools for musicians." says Guillaume Jeulin, founder and CEO of Blue Cat Audio.

More information about the Rhizome is available at, and Blue Cat Audio's plug-ins are available at


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