Blue Cat Audio plug-ins support the AAX format

Blue Cat Audio released all of its Mac plug-ins in the new Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) format for Pro Tools 10. Windows version will soon follow.


The recently released Pro Tools 10 introduced us to the new Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) plug-in format.

Blue Cat Audio has a wide range of audio plug-ins, which mostly focuses on advanced audio analysis and detailed visual feedback. In the past months, Blue Cat Audio was working closely with Avid as they developed Pro Tools 10.

In order to deliver the best integration of Blue Cat Plug-ins into Pro Tools 10, they have worked on and released a number of Mac plug-ins in AAX format.

Included in the newly released AAX compatible release are 8 free plug-ins, 9 flexible EQs, 6 audio analysis tools, 2 multiband processors, a couple of dynamic processing plug-ins and more.

This is a free upgrade for existing customers. The new AAX plug-ins are fully compatible with their RTAS counterpart. Windows versions will soon be available.

For the complete list of Blue Cat Audio plug-ins that are AAX compatible, head over to

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