Bluejay DJ-Dynamite


Gewpi creates digital effects crossover and sliding audio dynamics.

Software built to creatively manage one or several DSP solutions for enhancing audio playback, Bluejay DJ-Dynamite is a disc jockey fun-station powering fifteen audio components for Windows operating systems.

Enjoy your music collection with push-button "play" list automation. Random and/or programmable cross-fading produce excellent results mixing tracks. Use full-featured wave editor to edit and record new WMA / MP3 / WAV audio files. 10-band DirectX parametric equalizer boasts low-latency response and programmable bands. Combine with powerful digital effects like reverb, flange, chorus, echo, and compression to achieve optimum audio. Incorporate video, documents, or programs in your DJ playback queue as well. Includes mixer, drum kit, bird bath, plus other special effects and convenient features.

Said, "Bluejay can be characterized by a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface which incorporates multiple tools and options in a professional way. Basically, unlike other similar applications, the user won't be forced to browse endless menus just to find a simple tool. Everything is right there, one click away. The ease of use is a huge quality of Bluejay."

BLUEJAY DJ-Dynamite costs $69.99 for a single-user license. For more information and to download 30-day trial, visit

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