Celemony introduces their new plug-in extension: Audio Random Access - ARA

Celemony has unveiled ARA, a plug-in extension that will give your plug-ins non-sequential access to your DAW's audio data.


The audio plug-ins that we currently use today work much like the way analog mixers did in the past, plug-ins only receive audio data at the moment of playback, and could not view or analyze the track as a whole. This type of set up works fine for most plug-ins like delay, EQ and reverb but for Celemony's Melodyne, it falls short.


Melodyne needs an overview of the entire clip to analyze important musical data in proper context. Melodyne can determine the key, bpm and key changes but it will only work if it can access the entire musical data. Melodyne will also need to access the audio non sequentially if you want to use it to edits to notes, rhythm and tempo.

Normally sound engineers would have to tediously piece together the audio file into something that Melodyne can work with. This is however unproductive and time consuming, so the guys at Celemony thought of a way to get it done quicker.

Here is where ARA steps in. The goal of ARA is optimal integration between your DAW and your plug-ins. It builds on your plug-in connectivity with the DAW. It allows for a forward communication between your DAW and plug-ins. Your DAW can now exchange information about the audio file, pitch, tempo, rhythm and much more with your plug-ins. ARA will turn your plug-ins into a virtual part of the DAW itself.

Here is a video example of what the ARA can do using Melodyne and Studio One:

Here is a technical discussion regarding ARA(Audio Random Access):

For more information you can head over to Celemony.com.

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Wow! the I have chance to

Wow! the I have chance to know about new plug-ins extension, Audio Random Access. I wonder if the plug-ins extension can give the same sound quality as we normally get from LCD HDTV. Anyway, I have to use the plug-ins to know the truth.