ControlBlade Gen2 Keyboard Production Station

ControlBlade Gen2 is Music Computing's latest computer-based musical instrument, it is an all-in-one music keyboard production station.


ControlBlade Gen2 is a keyboard that can deliver all your musical production needs. It comes with piano keys, drum trigger pads, knobs, sliders and it comes with a wide variety of presets fit for studio and live performance. This hardware can let you compose, record, mix and master songs with radio quality ready for distribution.

The Gen2 have upgraded computer cores - utilizing Intel Core i-series third generation (Ivy Bridge) processors that will meet the computing demands of musicians that use virtual instruments and music applications. Optionally, you can have the i5 and i7 quad core versions.

By default it comes with a Windows 7 (64bit) operating system that is pre-configured for music production and can run virtually all software applications or plugins. The operating system works with the processor and the entire hardware to let you run over 500 plug-ins at once, sequence thousands of tracks simultaneously and store millions of sound presets.

A Mac OS X version is also available powered by the latest Mac mini from apple. Aside from the CPU upgrade options, they offer a variety of other upgrade options like the ProTouch piano keybed, RAM, hard drive and SSD drive.

ControlBlade is available as 25-Key and 61-Key models. Weighing in at around 22 lbs (61-Key) and 13 lbs (25-key), they are light and easily portable. They also have the same size as your typical keyboard, making it easy to store or transport.

ControlBlade Gen2

Another cool feature of the ControlBlade Gen2 is its built-in Wi-Fi for easy internet access when needed whenever there are Wi-Fi spots near.

ControlBlade Gen2 is currently selling for $1,899 and up. For more information, you can visit Music Computing.

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