Crowd Sourced Synth - TYRELL - is Virtually Real

Crowd Sourced Synth - TYRELL - is Virtually Real

Update: the VSTi plugin version is now available.


Last week we brought you the story of the TYRELL, the world's first crowd-sourced synth where the entire design had been made by fans of the German electronic music site (Read the original TYRELL story here).

This morning I received an email from Peter Grandl at saying that as a result of the publicity he has been contacted by a number of hardware synth manufacturers and software synthesizer developers.

U-He, developers of Zebra Modular Synth will be releasing a virtual version (VSTi) called the TYREL N6. They hope to have a free beta version out before the end of Decemeber.

Although Peter Grandl admits that the chances of the hardware version being built are only about 30%, he is hopeful that one of the three manufacturers who have displayed interest will put it into production. This picture shows a virtual redesign of the hardware version.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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