Digital Audio Workstation Comparison Chart

DAW Comparison Chart

Digital Music Doctor have published an update to their handy chart which helps to compare many of the most popular DAWs including Sonar X1 PE, Cubase 6, Pro Tools 9, Digital Performer 7, FL Studio 9 PE, and Logic Pro 9.


They give a separate rating for each of the major functions of each one to arrive at an overall rating.

Digital Music Doctor has put some excellent research into it, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who's looking to buy a DAW for the first time.

On the other hand, if you're an experienced DAW user then you'll probably want something a bit more detailed than this, as it mainly focusses on feature sets and doesn't really get into the topic of work-flow and usability.

If I could fault it, it would only be that they didn't use the brand new FL Studio 10, and that they left out lower end systems such as n-Track Studio - although I'm sure they'll address some of these issues in future updates.

You can find the chart, and all the background info on how it was compiled, by going to

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