Musikmesse 2011: Pioneer DJM-T1 Console bundled with TRAKTOR SCRATCH 2 DJ Software

DJM-T1 Console bundled with TRAKTOR SCRATCH 2 DJ Software

Musikmesse is always a busy time for new product announcements, and it certainly seems there's a slew of new DJ products this year.

Pioneer are getting in on the act with their new DJM-T1.

They've even enlisted some notable fans - "If the 909 was my baby, then this new mixer is my wife, so I'm excited to spend some time with my wife and get to know her and see if we can travel the world together"... DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Essentially this is a mixer, controller, and audio interface in a single compact unit.

Whilst it is designed to work with Traktor Scratch 2, and is in fact certified as such, you can map the MIDI controls to work with any DJ software that works with MIDI controls.

The two stand-out features are the built in USB Soundcard, and the high quality faders.

The new channel faders and cross faders have "an exclusive Pioneer magnetic construction" are said to be extremely durable and can last for up to 10 million uses.

The USB Soundcard has 24-bit A/D and 24-bit D/A conversion running at 48 kHz.

Some of the other features:

  • Microphone and auxiliary inputs located on the front of the mixer
  • Improved grip with rubber knobs for ISOLATOR/EFFECT/LOOP volume controls
  • Multi-input selector for switching between CD/PHONO/USB inputs
  • Three-band isolator type equalizer for a wide range of level control from +6 dB to -∞ (cut) for HI/MID/LOW ranges individually
  • MIDI*6 signal output enable fader/isolator operation data for transmitting to external devices
  • LFO CONTROL outputs MIDI signal that changes at beat-by-beat intervals for precision control
  • "P-LOCK Fader Cap" locking mechanism on channel fader and crossfader knobs designed to prevent fader caps from slipping.
  • Auto Standby automatically recognizes the current state of operation and input signal, switching the power to standby mode when no activity or input is detected for a period of time
  • Booth output volume control

Pioneer say it should be on sale in July with a suggested retail price of $1,899.

For more infromation visit the Pioneer DJM-T1 page.

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