Drum Channel now available on Comcast

Neil Peart, Perry, Bozzio

Drum Channel which has been available over the web for $4.95 per month is now available On Demand in 18 million Comcast Digital households on the A & R Channel.

So far they have 3 shows available and say the will be adding a new show every month.

Viewers will be able to find the Drum Channel shows in the A & R Channel Originals Folder, in the music folder on VOD. Comcast subscribers can access it by pressing 1 or VOD on their remote, then scrolling down to the music folder. The first three shows now available are:

  1. The Back Story - the drummers of Rush, Jethro Tull and Frank Zappa share their stories and wisdom. Neil Peart, Doane Perry and Terry Bozzio also perform an amazing drum improvisation.
  2. Alex Acuña Trio; Acuña-Hoff-Mathisen, three of the most accomplished musicians in the world. Alex Acuña played with Weather Report and performed on over 1000 soundtracks and records. They perform and discuss stories of rhythm and culture.
  3. The Chad Smith Show. Chad is the beat behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers,Bombastic Meatbats, one of LA’s hottest bands With guest Kenny Aronoff, (John Mellencamp) they talk and play with the.

For more information visit drumchannel.com

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