Evolve by Native Instruments

Evolve is a Kontakt based instrument that carries a selection of sounds, rhythm and effects designed for film use.


Heavyocity, the same sound design house that created Damage and the Evolve Mutations series are the ones behind this cinematic sound design instrument.


Evolve comes with around 6 GB of sample content with which you can build a wide variety of cinematic sounds, textures and ambiances. You get sounds ranging from percussive kits, tonal instruments to strings, rhythmic loop suites, transitions and musical effects. Cinematic scoring is fully covered with essential styles being easily available like atonal strings for suspense scenes, punchy beats for tension building or serene melodic lines for detailed tonal sequences.

Another cool feature of Evolve is its Trigger FX functionality which lets you switch effects in real-time, giving you an intuitive approach to sound shaping.

Evolve was previously only available from Heavyocity, the sound designers behind the Evolve Mutation series. Now you can access all three Evolve products in one place, putting their best kept secret in sound design within the reach of every producer. Evolve is also optimized for Maschine – you can easily browse presets, sounds and categories directly from the hardware - for increased workflow efficiency.

The suggested retail price for Evolve is $229 and is available from authorized dealers of Native Instruments. Owners of Evolve Mutations 1 or 2, or the bundle can avail of a discounted upgrade price of $119.

For more details or to purchase Evolve online, you can visit Native Instruments.

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