Gibson acquires the Stanton Group which includes KRK Systems, Stanton DJ and Cerwin Vega

Gibson welcomes the Stanton group into its Gibson Pro Audio family, and soon they will combine their efforts to offer new pro audio and DJ equipment.

Gibson Pro Audio

By acquiring the Stanton Group, Gibson Guitar now owns three pro audio manufacturers - Stanton DJ, KRK Systems and Cerwin Vega. Gibson plans to utilize this new partnership to expand their business into the realm of professional audio and DJ production.


Having been a major player in guitar manufacturing, Gibson has now set its eyes on a new target, the Pro Audio market. In line with this Gibson guitar welcomes the Stanton Group into its family, this includes three major players in the pro audio DJ music industry, namely Stanton DJ, KRK Systems and Cerwin Vega.

DJs can soon claim that they are using a Gibson brand because Stanton DJ will fall under the Gibson Pro Audio division. Stanton DJ is a provider of DJ audio equipment and was founded at Stanton Magnetics in 1946 by Walter O. Stanton, the inventor of the easily replaceable phonograph stylus. The affiliation of Stanton DJ to Gibson extends Gibson's reach into non guitar based music equipment.

Gibson will also be competing against other high-end monitor and speaker manufacturers with KRK Systems under their command. KRK Systems who is a known manufacturer in this field was founded in 1986 and has years of experience to back them up.

And last but not the least, Cerwin Vega, who was responsible for the world's first solid-state amplifier in 1957, has joined the Gibson Pro Audio division to make waves in the field of Pro Audio amplification.

Gibson Pro Audio

Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar, was quoted saying: "This new division is perfectly aligned with our core. It expands our reach to fellow music lovers and allows us access to 20 in 20 consumers instead of the one in 20 we currently hit. Stanton produces some of the best pro audio equipment in the world and we're incredibly excited to be working with the very talented team at Stanton as we take Gibson into the future."

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