Hybrid Control Setup - Griid App and Code Hardware - Controller Setup for Ableton Live

Liine's Griid App and Livid's Code hardware can now be linked as a single controller - a Hybrid Control Setup for Ableton Live.


Hybrid Control lets you have a unique Ableton Live control experience, utilizing the benefits of multitouch in conjunction with hardware knobs.

Liine's Griid is an app that turns your iPad or iPhone into a full featured Ableton Live controller. Livid's Code on the other hand is a cool looking hardware controller for computer music production. The two decided to join forces to give you improved Ableton Live control features.

To synchronize your Code hardware and Griid software, you just need to upgrade your Griid in the iTunes App Store. This will enable a special sync mode with Code.

With the sync mode, you can now use Griid to navigate Session View and launch clips. You can then tap a header in Griid to select a track in Code. The knobs in Code will then let you control mixer and effects parameters. Hybrid Control will let you have four different Code control modes - Mixer, EQ and two for Devices.

This combination gives you the advantage of real time visual monitoring, the convenience of multi-touch control and good old analog hardware. And the cool thing about it is its portable, so you can use this setup in both studio and live situations.

You can check out the Hybrid Control Setup in action in this video:

To celebrate this team up, Liine and Livid organized a raffle for a chance to win the complete Hybrid Control setup. The prize includes The Liine Griid iOS app, an iPad, a Livid Code hardware controller and a one-of-a-kind handmade case. To join, all you have to do is to subscribe and enter your e-mail on the Liine website. The raffle is open up to July 6, 2012, and the lucky winner will be announced on July 15, 2012.

Hybrid Control Setup - Griid App and Code Hardware

To join the contest and for more information about the Hybrid Control setup, you can visit Liine.

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