New Kinsman Headphones from JHS

John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd announces the arrival of new Kinsman Headphones designed for all types of music lovers.

Kinsman designed their new heaphones series with flexibility and economy in mind. This new set of headphones will have something to offer for all types of listeners who love to indulge themselves with good sounding music wherever they go.

The four new Kinsman Headphones are:

  • Kinsman Studio (£24.99rrp). KHP004 as it is labeled, Kinsman Studio prioritizes quality and robustness, designed for every day studio use. It has that clarity you need to make sure you hear every detail of your recorded sound. It also comes with a 3 meter cable so you have enough movement freedom.

  • Kinsman Classic (£19.99rrp). This headphone, labeled as KHP003, struts a retro look, but make no mistake it carries with it modern audio quality. It comes with a coiled cable with a vintage style headband. The Kinsman Classic is designed so you can listen to music, old school style.

  • Kinsman Urban (£14.99rrp). Model KHP002 is Kinsman Urban, it is designed for everyday city walking, commuting and even jogging. You can easily get rid of all the noise and focus on your favorite music as you stroll down your way to around the city. You won't be bothered with the headphone because of its lightweight form and rugged street-smart design.

  • Kinsman Traveller (£9.99rrp). The KHP001 or Kinsman Traveller is designed for people that is on the go. If you want to take your music along with you as you hike, stroll or fly, this makes a good companion. Just strap it on and you can forget about it as it is designed to be light and inconspicuous. With the Traveller, you can select a song and turn it into the sound track for your travels.

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