MC3 Studio Monitor Controller from Radial Engineering

Radial Engineering has unveiled the MC3 Studio Monitor Controller, a passive monitor switcher and headphone amp designed for smaller production studios.

MC3 Studio Monitor Controller

The new MC3 Studio Monitor Controller is "straight wired", aiming to provide a quality, efficient and cost effective monitor, sub and headphone management system.


In this age of digital music production, the smarter studio owners know that real life practicality is where the money is. The Radial MC3 will give small studio owners a cost effective method to audition their produced music via their preferred monitors easily, giving the ability to switch headphones and sub-woofers on or off to ensure that the ultimate mix will stand up well to real life audio situations.

Radial also opted for the passive route because active circuitry tent to color the sound on playback and may not be a good representation of how your production will sound in car stereos, headsets and other real world devices. In other words, MC3 Studio Monitor Controller acts like straight wires’ between the input and output with only gold sealed relays and a variable resistor in between. This ensures a transparent signal coming from the recorder to the monitors, keeping them unaltered in any way.

MC3 Studio Monitor Controller

The MC3 is equipped with two stereo outputs and a separate send to feed a sub-woofer. It is designed to work well with active nearfield monitors. Each output is tweakable and can be set up using a trim control, this allows for seamless switching between loudspeakers. There are also separate on-off switches, which gives you the ability to select which speakers to engage and a given time, there is also an adjustable dim switch to temporarily reduce the monitor level. A single control acts as the master for quickly setting the desired listening level when auditioning your material.

The MC3 comes with a high output headphone amp that can drive two sets of headphones simultaneously. There is also a separate ear-bud output, which makes for easy connection to iPod type environments. All outputs may be summed mono for quick phase check and AM radio listening simulation.

Finally Radial Engineering is known for its ultra heavy duty forms, the MC3 is no exception. It includes a 14 gauge steel enclosure with a unique protective zone to keep switches and controls out of harm's way. The steel cased switches and steel potentiometers aim to provide you with maximum lifespan. Radial also ensures 100% discrete circuit topology, with a dual sided mil-spec circuit board and full ground plane, ensuring reduced noise.

Radial Engineering is aiming to sell the MC3 for less than $250. Actual pricing information will soon be available.

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