Mackie Launches ProFX16 and ProFX22 Mixers at China's PALM EXPO

Mackie Launches ProFX16 and ProFX22 Mixers in China

Mackie ProFX22 Mixer

PALM EXPO is a growing exhibition for Pro Audio, Light, Music, and Technology, which gets underway for its 11th year today in Beijing.

And in what may well become more common as China grows it's spending power, Mackie in conjunction with their Chinese distributor, Lee Sheng, have chosen this event to launch a new series of Mixers.

The new ProFX16 and ProFX22 mixers come with an increased channel count and additional tools such as dedicated inline compression.


Both of these new models are aimed at mid-sized venues and bands looking for a do-it-all live sound solution.

“The ProFX line has always been about maximum utility,” said Matt Redmon, Mackie Product Manager. “Now, with the new ProFX16 and ProFX22, larger applications can benefit from Mackie’s out-of-the-box live sound solution.”

The 16-channel ProFX16 and 22-channel ProFX22 come with a range of features designed to remove the need for additional rackmount gear.

On the front end, Mackie low-noise, high-headroom preamps work with LED metering and 60mm faders on each channel to keep levels in check. Every channel also features 3-band EQ. All ProFX mixers offer an integrated 32-bit RMFX effects processor with 16 “Gig-Ready” FX and a 7-band graphic EQ for simple tuning of mains or monitors. The built-in USB interface allows the user to record the show and stream back music for breaks or integration into the mix.

Each channel also comes with dedicated inline compression for simple, one-knob compression of critical vocals and instruments.

For more information see ProFX16 and ProFX22.

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