Melodyne Editor Version 2 is just around the corner

Celemony is scheduled to release the updated Melodyne Editor 2.0 in November, showcasing new scale functions, improved timing tools and enhanced DAW compatibility via Rewire.


November is just around the corner, and so Celemony and Melodyne enthusiasts are getting ready for the release of Melodyne 2.0. It is a major update that boasts of numerous improvements specially on the items that make Melodyne a unique audio editor.


The first notable update is the addition of new scales and temperaments. The new True Scale and Tuning function offers support for those who produce or want to produce music outside of the familiar western format, including Indian, Arab and other contemporary microtonal music.

Aside from the new scales and temperaments that you can load and edit in detail, Celemony improved Melodyne's support for the common conventional music where most of the users will more or less play with. One feature of particular interest is the Scale Detective. It can analyze a piece of music and allow transferring of scale or tuning between tracks or recording - automatically - without need for detailed knowledge about any particular scale format.

Melodyne is known for its note-based way of working and have always allowed the editing of the different aspects of timing. Melodyne Editor v2 builds on that and presents new improvements like the Attack Speed tool. It allows you to edit details up to the starting transients, that are so deterministic of the sound, even for each note separately. New time handles are also introduced, and time progressions within notes can also be reshaped to preference which is a great tool in editing vocal or lead tracks.

Another notable update to Melodyne is its improved DAW compatibility. With Rewire, you can now use Melodyne on DAWs that are previously not compatible with Melodyne or DAWs that lack plug-in interfaces.

These new features along with improvements to efficiency and workflow optimization is coming to us in November. The good news is, Celemony is offering a special discount, if you buy the Melodyne Editor now, you will only pay $349, and you will get the version 2 upgrade free in November. Note that the price of Melodyne Editor version 2 will start at $399 when it is released on November, so if you are interested in trying out or upgrading, that would be a good offer to consider.

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