Melodyne editor - 30 Day Fully Functional Trial

Melodyne editor

We recently brought you news of Steinberg making a fully functional 30 trial version of Cubase 6 available, now it appears celemony are following suit with their own fully functional 30 day trial version of Melodyne editor

One thing that makes the Melodyne editor trial version a little better than Cubase 6, is that you don't need any kind of dongle or USB key, all you need is for the computer you're running the trial on to be connected to the internet.

If you're not familiar with Melodyne editor, it's an app that runs either in standalone mode or as a plugin.

It's main feature is that it allows you to change the pitch of notes, including individual notes in a polyphonic recording using their DNA Direct Note Access technology (eg change a major chord to a minor chord).

It can also be used for automatic pitch correction like Auto-Tune, and of course if you really want to you can use it for that T-Pain effect.

To download your trial version go to Melodyne editor.

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