Melodyne essential - discounted

Melodyne - essentially cheaper

Melodyne essential

Celemony Software have announced a special deal on Melodyne essential valid until December 31st.

Melodyne essential is currently available for only $69, after the new year the price will be going up to $99.

Melodyne essential lays the emphasis upon the most important Melodyne functions making it swift and simple to operate.

Tracks of lead vocals, monophonic instruments, or drums and percussion are divided up into notes the pitch, position in time, and length of which you can modify on a piano-roll graphic display. This way, subtle corrections can be made, or the melody and rhythm altered, in an intuitive fashion. If desired, the tried-and-tested Melodyne macros for pitch and timing correction can be employed. Notes can be moved and copied at will, which among other things, makes it possible to add additional voices and chords to melodic material or breaks to rhythmic material.

It operates from the same technological base as Melodyne editor, which means documents created in "essential" can be opened in the higher-end version "editor". You can also run it in stand-alone mode or as a VST, AU, or RTAS plugin.

For further details head to the Melodyne essential page.

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