Music Computing Turn Your Regular LCD Monitor into a Multitouch Screen

UPDATE: Now also available for Macintosh

For all you PC users who have been jealously eyeing off the multitouch features of the iPad, a solution is at hand.

Now you can run your favorite DAW or DJ software, on your PC, in full mulititouch.

Music Computing have launched their new MotionCOMMAND Frame which is an add-on to your regular monitor to turn it into a touch screen.

In Windows 7 it runs as a full multi-touch screen with 2 and 6 touch options, but it's only a single touch screen in Vista and XP.


The frame contains a glass overlay and transmitters and receivers which send the signal to your PC via a USB cable.

You attach the frame, run through the configuration, and you have a touch screen.

The MotionCOMMAND Frame is available in the following standard sizes: 17”, 22”, 32”, 42”, 55” and 65”, with custom sizes up to 100”.

Prices start at $199 and can be ordered directly from Music Computing.

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How are you suppose to use

How are you suppose to use use any buttons on the front of your screen with this attached ?

I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing myself - does it detach if you need to make adjustments?