NAMM 2011 - New Products from Mackie: MRmk2 Reference Monitors, TH-12A Powered Loudspeakers, MCU AND XT PRO Control Surfaces

MRMK2 Reference Monitors

When your studio is ready to go pro, you want a reference monitor that translates in all environments, holds up under all conditions, and isn’t painted up like a school bus. You want an investment that sounds both amazing and amazingly flat, so you don’t end up second guessing your mixes into infinity. You also want monitors you can turn up, because not every artist is “satisfied” listening to their ear-shredding guitar solos or thunderous bass tones at “nominal volumes.” And you want all of this at the right price. MRmk2 Series Studio Monitors are all that and more. With unbelievable power, performance and clarity MRmk2 Mackie Reference Monitors stand alone in their class.

TH-12A Powered Loudspeakers

The Mackie TH-12A Powered Loudspeaker delivers proven Mackie performance and quality in a portable design that delivers real-world power with superior midrange for vocal and acoustic applications. Efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification provides 400 watts of total system power, tuned to perfectly match the custom-designed 12˝ high-precision woofer and 1˝ compression driver. The TH-12A delivers the Thump you demand and all the tools you need, including user-adjustable 3-band EQ and Mackie Active electronics for total system optimization. Powerful, punchy and ultra-affordable, the TH-12A is the best powered loudspeaker option for your hard-earned money.

MCU AND XT PRO Control Surfaces

The industry standard MCU Pro control surface is back, now featuring brand-new Alps® faders for an ultra-smooth feel, and a new low price sure to please any studio professional. The robust new 100mm Alps faders are belt-driven, with sturdy teeth and gears for executing smooth fades with no “zipper” feeling. Also available now is the companion XT Pro, offering a bank of eight additional Alps faders and rotary encoders for those with larger setups. The best news is that we have significantly dropped the price of the MCU and XT Pro, making them not only the industry standard control surface family, but the most affordable pro controllers on the market. Now is a better time than ever to check out Mackie’s award-winning control surface solution.

You will find Mackie at NAMM in Demo Room 209A/B.

Also check out the price reductions on the Behringer B1030A and B1031A Studio Monitors.

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