Nuendo Live

Nuendo Live is a multitrack recording solution fine tuned to capture live performances - be it small clubs or big concert events.

Nuendo Live

Steinberg created Nuendo Live to simplify the whole live recording process, and to make a reliable and stable software solution to meet professional demands.

Steinberg claims that you waste virtually zero time in setting up the software, thanks to automatic track creation function which makes Nuendo Live armed and ready in less than a minute.

Nuendo Live features seamless integration with Yamaha CL-series consoles, if you prefer the feel of hardware knobs and sliders to make your tweaks.

Before you start recording, you can do a virtual sound check with Nuendo Live - even without the artists! It has the ability to use previous recordings for sound checking, including marker recall and 1:1 output comparison.

While recording, Nuendo Live features a straightforward single-window interface which shows all essential session information all at once, leaving you less room for worries. You get good visual feedback through its signal meters and at the same time you have important controls easily within reach. It also incorporates an easy to use recording panel and a pre-record buffer which makes live recording easier to manage.

The audio engine of this software can handle up to 192 kHz of recording quality, ensuring that your audio is captured with professional quality. You also have more than 24 hours of recording time with its EBU-compliant RIFF 64 broadcast wave format in standard recording mode.

Nuendo Live
Nuendo Live Interface

This application can also prevent recording accidents with its lock while recording feature. Once the recording is done, it can automatically manage your session files - it can auto-name your recorded files with multiple folders and it sports an easy to use marker track, auto-save functionality and notepad.

Nuendo Live doesn't end with just quality recording, it has built in essential editing functions so you can create a rough edit of your recordings right after the event.

The most fundamental requirement in live recording is Reliability, and Steinberg promises that Nuendo Live combines exceptional performance and stability. This is said to be due to its streamlined feature set that were carefully selected based on their popular Nuendo code.

Nuendo Live is expected to be available for both Windows 7 and Mac OS X and it will support 64-bit technology.

Steinberg has not provided the pricing yet, but they did mention that Nuendo Live is set for a 2012 second quarter release.

More information is available from Steinberg.

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