Pioneer HDJ-2000-K

Pioneer's flagship DJ headphones get a new stylish makeover with a black chrome version dubbed the HDJ-2000-K.

Since attitude and style is important for any DJ, Pioneer is giving more color options to their popular HDJ-2000 professional headphones.


The black chrome coupled with a reflective aluminum spin finish on the Pioneer HDJ-2000-K highlights the headphone's versatile style, giving you another color to match your mood and style. Sound quality is as good as it was before, achieved with its 38ìm (micrometer) diaphragm that delivers the bottom end, a large 50mm driver and a voice coil for a linear output from bass to treble. It is designed with airtight sewing and damper for the ear pads which help improve the sound quality in mid to high frequency ranges.

These professional headphones are designed to withstand continuous use. Their primary parts which include the plug and cable connections is made for day to day usage. You also get a removable Mini XLR connector for added compatibility with professional audio devices.


Aside from being stylish and durable, the structure of the headphones is made with light magnesium alloy, which ensures it can stay on your head for long periods of time without causing unnecessary stress. The ear pads and head pad utilize synthetic protein leather and low-reaction urethane foam for a snug and easy fit.

Other features include a ninety degree swivel motion for the ear cups, compact folding feature and mono/stereo switch. The HDJ-2000-K is available starting March 2012 and is set to sell for a retail price of $450. An optional protective and equally stylish carrying case called HDJ-HC01, is also available for $49.

You can get more information about the Pioneer HDJ-2000-K at Pioneer DJ USA.

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