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Avid introduces the new Pro Tools HDX, with up to 5x more DSP for improved quality and working with bigger audio projects.

Pro Tools is a popular brand when it comes to music production and by the looks of the new Pro Tools HDX, they intend to keep their good standing.

The Pro Tools HDX system is a complete audio production package that includes one HDX PCIe card, comprehensive set of virtual instruments, sound processing, and utility plug-ins and 8 GB worth of Big Fish Audio sound loops library. You also get to pick what Pro Tools HD software you want as well as what Pro Tools HD series interface you prefer.


The new Pro Tools HDX improves on the previous Pro Tools HD with a powerful DSP. You can now handle huge music and post production projects, with up to 768 tracks, 4x more ADC(automatic delay compensation) and double the I/O per card. This means working on higher quantity while at the same time having access to improved quality.

It features a floating-point architecture that allows for more headroom and higher sound resolution. You can record and mix in resolutions up to 32-bit, 192 kHz audio. Aside from additional headroom, you also get significantly greater dynamic range for your music. Another plus in terms of processing is the support for the AAX plug-in format, which will give you better workflow and sound parity with native systems.

Your recordings will have more up time and less wait time with the improved efficiency of Pro Tools HDX. It integrates with your computer be it Mac or PC via the Pro Tools HD software. Some notable examples are the ability to do RAM-cached record/playback - which makes your complex projects still feel highly responsive, and the ability to do real-time fades within Pro Tools without having to use up too much space.

Other features include the ability to easily integrate with any Pro Tools HD series audio interface and should the need arise, you can upgrade your audio workstation by simply adding another Pro Tools HDX card to your system.

Additional Content:

  • Boom drum machine and sequencer
  • Big Fish Audio 8 GB sound library
  • DB-33 tonewheel organ emulator with rotating speaker simulation
  • Mini Grand acoustic grand piano
  • Structure Free sample player (based on Structure)
  • Vacuum monophonic vacuum tube synthesizer
  • Xpand!2 multitimbral synth and sample workstation
  • Comes with over 75 virtual instruments, effects, sound processing, and utility plug-ins

Pro Tools HDX will soon be shipping with an expected retail price of $9,999. This includes the HDX PCIe card, HD OMNI bundle and the Pro Tools HD 10 software.

Here is the promotional video for the Pro Tools HDX

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