Propellerhead Rack Extensions Technology and Store

Rack Extensions improve the compatibility of the Reason rack, by allowing third party developers create instruments and effects for Reason.

Rack Extensions

Rack Extensions technology is to be a part of the next version of Reason, with third party software development toolkit soon to be available.

Propellerhead Reason is a leading DAW which was recently featured in Hitsquad's list of the Best Music Production Software.

Propellerhead designed Rack Extension to go beyond the usual plug-in formats, these will behave as if it were built-in to Reason. You can load them in Reason's Combinator, route audio and CV on the back, copy/paste devices and signal chains, automation of all parameters, and provides the assurance of working with unlimited undo. This technology is meant to reduce the problem of plug-in compatibility by allowing the third party manufacturers to virtually build into Reason.

For further convenience Propellerhead will also be putting up a sort of app store for Reason, - aptly named Rack Extension Store. Browse all Rack Extensions in the Rack Extension Store and even download fully functional trial versions to load into your rack. Every Rack Extension you have purchased can be downloaded as many times as you need — for both Mac and Windows — and the latest version is never more than a click away. There are simply no risky purchases.

Here is a press release video that showcases the new Rack Extensions technology, and even featured the upcoming Figure iOS App:

If you buy Reason now, you will get the new version (Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5) for free so there is no need to hold off for the update.

Reason 6 currently sells for $449, while Reason Essentials is a bit cheaper and sells for $129.

More information about the Rack Extension Store and Technology is available at Propellerhead.

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