SST-282 Convo : IR Library for Convolution Reverb Plugins

Cluster Sound's SST-282 Convo is a Reverb and Delay IR Library that is based on the sound of the vintage SST-282 Space Station.

SST-282 Convo

Like The original 1979 SST-282 Space Station, the ST-282 Convo is a reverberation effect that can do a variety of reverb, echo and comb filter effects.

The SST-282 is designed like a multi-tap delay modulation and utilizes 16 "Audition Delay Programs" (Rooms, Delay Clusters, Combs and Space Repeats) which dictates the principal characteristics of the reverb / delay effect.

The library consists of 224 IR samples obtained by sampling the 16 “Audition Programs” with 14 different delay/reverb decay times. With these features, the SST-282 Convo is designed to work with vocals, synths, basses and guitars, as well as drums and percussions. It can be easily used with all the convolution reverb plugins on the market.


  • Size : 440 Mb
  • WAV 32bit / 96Khz
  • 224 IR Samples
  • 16 Audition Programs
  • 14 Decay Time settings
  • 224 Kontakt Presets

For more information and to checkout samples, you can visit Cluster Sound.

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