Fazioli Brunei is a new Piano for Kontakt by Sound Magic

Sound Magic introduces the Fazioli Brunei, a piano for Kontakt, based on the Fazioli F308 grand piano.

Fazioli Brunei

The Fazioli Brunei is modeled after an in-demand and expensive Fazioli grand piano, the Fazioli F308. If you wanted to get that great Fazioli piano sound, you will have to be willing to shell out some mighty big dough to pay for the Fazioli piano price, and it is way over a hundred thousand dollars. With Sound Magic's Fazioli Brunei, we can now get at least a glimpse of the Fazioli F308 on our Kontakt, at a fraction of the cost.


With it you can get the full grand piano body sound and character of the Fazioli, carrying it's signature mellow and deeper bass. It showcases the sweet transparent highs of the Fazioli F308.

This piano library for Kontakt is only around 100MB, this is relatively small for the quality of sound it bears. If you use Kontakt and you are in need of a good grand piano sound, you might want to check out the Fazioli Brunei.


  • Efficient, uses low RAM and loads fast
  • Small footprint, using Kontakt Lossless Compression only at 100 MB file size
  • Smooth velocity transition with 4 Layers and AET filter
  • Quality of sound, sampled 63 of the 88 keys of the Fazioli 308,
  • All notes in frequently used octaves were sampled
  • There are also samples of Release Trigger

Here is the real Fazioli F308 in action:

For more information head over to Sound Magic's website. They have audio samples that you can listen to for comparison.

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