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Soundation Studio, a web browser based DAW, is adding community and social features to their service.

Soundation Studio

When registered, you can now post songs for other users, form groups, leave comments, send messages and make or join contests.


Soundation Studio is a music production software that you can use in your browser and works over the internet. It has over 600 free loops, 11 real time effects and 5 virtual instruments. You can also use it to read MIDI files and record audio. It is free to use and you can pay to have additional sounds and functionality.

Now Soundation wants to help artists improve their works through collaborative efforts - via new community features. You can now share your songs for other users to leave their valuable feedback on and you can help other musicians by providing your own take on their works.

You can send messages to ask questions to other users who seem to have done something that you have wanted to do - and you can help out others who is curious of what you have produced. Creating groups add even more fun to the music making process and competitions bring out the best from artists.

Soundation Studio Widget
Soundation Studio Widget

They also developed a stylish and informative widget player that allows you to embed your song to your blog or publish your song to social media like Facebook. This will give your music production increased audience reach.

Bil Bryant, CEO of Soundation said "Our users were demanding a more social element to Soundation and we are excited to now have this in place. We just put up the community and literally overnight there were thousands of songs posted."

Soundation Studio is included in our list of The Best Music Production Software.

For more information and to try out this cool web based DAW, you can visit Soundation.

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