The Avid Suite at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is now home to "The Avid Suite", an industry standard recording studio that features Avid products.

The Avid Suite

Virgin Atlantic installed this studio for musicians on the move at the airport's luxurious lounge - The Clubhouse.

Songwriters and musicians know that songs and inspiration can strike anywhere. And many times, it happens while you are travelling, or waiting to board a train or a plane. A good example of this is Simon and Garfunkel's hit song Homeward Bound which was written while waiting for a train at Widnes Station in Cheshire.

Since artists and big name musicians have been using their service to fly from London to New York, Virgin Atlantic thought of a way to provide their loyal musician customers a way to record or create music while waiting to board a flight.

To do this, they created a state of the art recording studio in the heart of the Heathrow Airport's popular lounge. This £11m flagship lounge is designed to feel like an elite private member's club which offers various services like eyebrow tinting, hot stone therapy, retro video games and many more.

If you are privileged enough to make use of The Avid Suite, you will find that it provides digital recording, editing, and mixing via Pro Tools and will also let you upload and share your track.

Ben Nemes of Avid is quoted: “The music and media industries have changed dramatically recently, the pace of creation and consumption is quicker than ever and deadlines are tight, requiring fast turnarounds and the ability to produce the finished article on the move. Virgin Atlantic’s decision to create the world’s only airside production suite is the recognition of these needs in creative customers.”

The recording studio was already used by a band which released a single on iTunes right after their song was mixed all within The Avid Suite.

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