What are the Best Music Making Apps for iPad?

Tell the world what the best Music Making Apps for iPad are.

UPDATE: The Top Ten iPad Music Production Apps has been completed with your help!

Steve Jobs with an iPad

We are currently putting together a list of the best music apps for the iPad, and we want your help to sort the 'heros' from the 'zeros'.

You may recall that last year we compiled the list of Top 10 Free VST Virtual Instruments which proved to be a great starting point for trying new VSTs, and was very well received. And due to popular demand (actually we were screamed at for not doing it first) we followed that up with the The Top 10 VST and AU plugins for Mac.

And now we want to do the same for the iPad (no guessing which musician website squad have spent waaaayyyyy too much time on their iPads lately :)), but with a big difference - instead of just pouring over activity logs, we want you to have your say.


We already have a lot of information on which apps are most downloaded, and which ones people discuss the most, but it's really difficult to find where to make the cut, so we are asking the Hitsquad/SMM audience to tell us where to draw the line.

Of course we already have a pretty good list of top iPad Music Apps here, but we want you to tell us which ones you like, and why you find them to be great.

It doesn't matter if they're free or paid apps, all that matters is that as someone who loves making music, you tell us which apps you have used and can't do without.

Just post your answer below (and you can do it anonymously if you want to), and we will combine all the answers to help work out who the iPad music making app kings are.

Once the results are in, we'll post the results here for all to see.

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Best Music Apps

I have all of them so I know what I'm talking about.
Garageband is probably the best overall for computer assisted music.
Followed closely by 50 in 1 Piano, Aurora and Nano Studio.
Chordbot wins in the category of putting together midi tracks seconded by IRealBook.
While LoopXtreme takes the honors in the looping department.
For improv and jamming I pick ThumbJam and PolyChord.
Best Stand alone Synth has got to be Korg iMS-20.
Karaoke HD is in a class by itself, no better karaoke app exists.
And lastly for those quiet moments I'm going with iDulcimer and Twang.


I like very much how you broke down your list into the best of each category - brilliant information!

Spent far too much money on...

Amplitube (with Fender + 8 track recorder)
Pianist Pro
NLog Pro

songwriters pad

songwriters pad is pretty cool - i love the rhyming dictionary

iRig Recorder from iK

iRig Recorder from iK Multimedia

Mr Bob Moog Wins!

No competition sweeties. The Moog Filtatron wins. If you've been living on another planet then download it from iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/filtatron/id396776418?mt=8 its only $8



Tascam Portastudio

I loved the old 244 and the iPad app brings back all those wonderful memories!


the old 4 and 8 track tascams were total loads of crap, the ipad version doesn't even come close to apps like ntrack

join the 21st century dude

I don't approve trolling

Ordinarily I don't approve of trolling, however I used a 4 track Tascam (can't remember if it was a 144 or 244) back in the old days and it was noisy and the tracks would bleed. No amount of head realignment or cleaning seemed to help.

If the iPad version doesn't have those 'characteristics' then it's a fake!

Garage Band

I know I'll probably get flamed for this - but Garage Band kicks ass on iPad!

Agreed, bar none... the best

Agreed, bar none... the best bang for buck app.