ART Auto-Tune Pre - Mic Preamp

ART Auto-Tune Pre is a compact microphone tube preamp with built-in Antares Auto-Tune processing.

ART Auto-Tune Pre - Mic Preamp

This unit brings the best of both worlds, analog 12AX7A tube circuitry and modern Auto-Tune DSP, all in one package.


The ART Auto-Tune Pre is designed so that artists can easily incorporate the pitch processing power of Auto-Tune into their rig, without having to any external computer, software or processor. It acts as a mobile pitch tuning utility that can be useful during live performance or when recording.

The preamp starts off with an analog path designed by ART, featuring a 12AX7A tube circuit. Tube preamplifiers are known for reproducing vocals with natural warmth and fidelity. It also comes with a switchable phantom power for using condenser microphones, and the preamp itself comes with additional processing features including a switchable highpass filter for handling noise.

The unit comes with a combo input jack for plugging in various types of microphones, and it has a ART Auto-Tune Pre a 4/-10dB selectable output level for accommodating various types of mics and instruments.

What makes this compact preamp unique is its pitch-correction functionality, powered by Antares Auto-Tune EFX technology. This is the same technology behind the popular/infamous Auto-Tune software that has changed the way vocal tracks are done today.

Art Auto-Tune Pre

The Auto-Tune feature comes with a flexible configuration and simple controls. The front panel controls let you select the key and scale of your pitch correction, and you can even specify individual notes. It also comes with three tuning modes, ranging from subtle pitch correction to exaggerated tuning. The unit has five preset slots and you can use an optional footswitch to bypass or engage the Auto-Tune effect.

The preamp and pitch tuning feature are all housed inside a compact rugged housing, this makes the unit easy to carry around for regular gigs, and convenient to implement in a home studio environment.

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