Arturia KeyLab MIDI Keyboards

Three new Arturia KeyLab MIDI controllers are now available - KeyLab25, KeyLab49 and KeyLab61- featuring velocity sensitive keys and Arturia's Analog Lab synthesizer software.

Arturia KeyLab

These MIDI keyboards expand on the popularity of the recently released MiniLab, carrying over the same aesthetic vibe but with more features and more keys.

The KeyLab 25 is the smallest member of the group, having 25 semi-weighted keys that feature aftertouch and velocity. The keys were designed to be thin to fit the unit's compact form factor but what it sacrifices in space and size, it makes up for playability and sensitivity. Being small, Arturia had to cut down on some features, leaving only essentials that include 6 transport switches, 2 encoders, 1 pitch bend, 1 modulation wheel, two banks of 10 encoders, 9 sliders, 1 volume encoder and 10 assignable switches.

Being portable would be useless if the KeyLab 25 didn't have good connectivity options, thankfully Arturia thought of this in advance and equipped the unit with USB connectivity, MIDI in/out, optional sustain and expression pedal inputs. Other features include Aux footswitch option and breath controller inputs. The controller is inside a sturdy and stylish aluminum/wood chassis.

The KeyLab 49 and KeyLab 61 units offer more notes per square inch because of the expanded keys they offer. Compared to the smaller KeyLab25, both the 49 and 61 units feature full-sized keys, this means that they are more convenient to play which translates to improved performance be it in the studio or live. The same velocity sensitivity and aftertouch technology are used on these two keyboards - making them highly favorable and playable.

Being bigger also give these keyboards more room for extra controls, an opportunity that Arturia utilized by adding 16 backlit pressure-sensitive pads. These pads are useful for making percussion tracks and other beat-dependent music. Like their smaller brother, KeyLab 61 and KeyLab49 are capable MIDI controllers with even more connectivity options. They also feature the same eye-catching aesthetics that continues to drive the popularity of Arturia's MIDI controllers.

Another important trait that is shared by these three new MIDI keyboards is the bundled Analog Lab synthesizer software. The app quickly interfaces with your Arturia KeyLab, cleverly switching the interface to match the unit you are using and provide automatic MIDI mapping. Aside from quick compatibility, this software boasts a huge library of over 5000 presets taken from Arturia's True Analog Emulation synthesis technology. You can get close approximations of the sounds of popular synths including the Wurlitzer V and Jupiter 8, to name a few.

Adding to all the good things that have just been mentioned, Arturia is known for selling their units at a more reasonable price tag. The KeyLab 25 is priced at $299, KeyLab 49 at $399 and their big brother KeyLab 61 comes with a price tag of $499. Visit Arturia for further details.

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