Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synth

Arturia releases the MicroBrute Synthesizer, a compact and affordable analog synth with semi-modular patching and a wealth of other features.

Arturia MicroBrute

This synthesizer is a more portable version of Arturia's Minibrute, featuring classic analog synth sounds combined with modern connectivity and sound shaping control.

At the core of this instrument is a powerful Oscillator that features Saw, Square and Triangle waveforms that you can mix to your preference. Supporting the main oscillator is a new Overtone oscillator that generates sweepable harmonic content from one octave down to a fifth above the base pitch.

Further sound shaping is provided by the Metalizer, wihch adds complex harmonics to the Triangle waveform for creating harsh and harmonically rich sounds. The Sawtooth waveform will benefit from the Ultrasaw, which adds a bright ensemble effect to the sound ideal for dance anthems. Rounding up its sound sculpting features is the Pulse Width control that lets you produce nasal-thin tones or rich square sounds. This small unit packs quite a number of sound synthesis tools, befitting the Brute label.

This synth comes with the Steiner-Parker Filter based on the Steiner-Parker Synthacon, "an analogue monosynth built by the namesake Salt Lake City-based synth manufacturer between 1975 and 1979". It has high-pass, low-pass and band-pass modes for flexible filtering.

Arturia MicroBrute

Another nifty feature of the MicroBrute is its front-panel mounted MOD Matrix, a volt per octave standard patchable system of modulation routing. It has ENV out, LFO out, Ultrasaw in, PWM in, Metal in, Overtone/Sub in, Filter cutoff in, and Pitch in, further expanding the sound possibilities that this compact synth brings to the table.

Controls for the MicroBrute include a 25-note keyboard with pitch and mod wheels, 6 octave range selector, Oscillator and Filter knobs, Master volume, Glide and LFO knobs, Enevelope sliders and a sequencer section with tap tempo.

The new MicroBrute is scheduled to start shipping November 1st with a price tag of $349. You can visit Arturia for more information.

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