Be a Prime Loops Singer

Prime Loops is set to audition aspiring vocalists of the electronic music genre to expand their network of Prime Singers.

Be a Prime Loops Singer

This is a cool opportunity to get your singing recognized and work alongside this popular electronic music sample pack provider. Should you be hired, your vocal work will be included in their loops and samples, which in turn will make its way into other musicians and producers, further expanding your reach.

Prime Loops are looking for singers that can record themselves professionally and provide great quality samples and loops of recorded vocals, which they will include in their products.aa So if you think you have what it takes to exceed their expectations - all you have to do is submit your recorded sample for Prime Loops to review.

Here are the instructions on how you can submit your music:

  • Capture your best vocal performance and upload it to Soundcloud or similar audio streaming websites.
  • Once uploaded, you then have to send Prime Loops a link to your uploaded music.
  • Send the link to
  • Other requirements include a Biography, Press Shot, achievement and any other info you think we should know about you.

    The Prime Loops team will audio all the submissions, and you will be contacted if they liked your submitted music. Ben Jay, CEO of Sound Nation, had this to say: "This is your chance to team up and work with the hottest sample pack provider in the game. Get those tracks to us – we want to hear what you’re made of."

    Prime Loops have recently released sample packs for artists such as Dodge and Fuski, Wretch 32, Ill Blu, Dexplicit, Calvertron and many more. Quality is very important and it will be one of the focal criteria for all the aspiring applicants. This effort to hire new singers follow their commitment to work with the best in the business while developing and discovering upcoming talents.

    For more information about this new opportunity, you can visit Prime Loops.

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    I was preparing for since

    I was preparing for since long time but due to some personal would make it to the event. I am feeling very bad, I missed this opportunity.

    Great opportunity for new

    Great opportunity for new talents and freshers struggling to get chance to prove their abilities. I am definitely going to participate.

    Hi Daisy - Yes it's a great

    Hi Daisy - Yes it's a great opportunity for singers, I hope you go well in the auditions!