Behringer CMD DJ Controllers with Deckadance Software

Behringer teams up with Fruity Loops developer Image Line to release a full range of CMD DJ Controllers bundled with Deckadance Software.

Behringer CMD DJ Controllers

The new Behringer DJ MIDI controllers are meant to provide a complete solution for DJs at an affordable price. They literally cover everything, from mixing, to vinyl and platter even to Drum control.

The new CMD DJ Controllers that are as follows: the CMD MM-1 Mixer Module, CMD DV-1 Digital Vinyl Control Module, LC-1 Live Control Module, CMD PL-1 Platter Control Module and the CMD DC-1 Drum Control.

As a result of their team up with Image Line, all these new controllers will now come with Image Line's Deckadance Software, so you can quickly use them out of the box.

Here is the rest of Behringer's announcement:

Professional features such as high quality faders, extensive MIDI feedback, and rotary encoders with bright LED indicator rings are organized into a logical layout on each device ensuring a highly ergonomic performance experience. Additionally, all CMD controllers are class-compliant so the artist can simply plug and play without the need for additional drivers. While all individual CMD components work well as rugged, portable stand-alone controllers for most popular DJ and production software programs, the series is designed to easily connect multiple controller configurations.

The new Deckadance software application provides all features that DJs need to move the dance floor. It features up to 4 software decks, allowing performers to mix different sources to energizing tracks. Smartknobs link a single knob to any number of FX and Mixer interface parameters, while the GrossBeat function in Deckadance provides 8 user adjustable FX per deck, including programmable and automated glitch, stutter and scratch functions. Additionally, Deckadance includes effects, a sampler, plus up to 8 smart panels for user configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. The software hosts VST plugins and can act as a VST plugin in any DAW production environment.

Behringer CMD DJ Controllers

“I am extremely excited by the prospect of working with Image Line and bundling our CMD controllers with the new Deckadance software,” stated Craig Reeves, DJ Product Manager at BEHRINGER, who continued, “The new GrossBeat and Smart Knob functionality is unique in the market, and the move to 4 decks makes Deckadance the perfect software package for modular controllers like our CMD line.”

You can head over to Behringer for more information on these new DJ Controllers.

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