Behringer Ultralink ULM100USB Wireless Mic

Behringer is now shipping the Ultralink ULM100USB, a wireless microphone that comes with a USB dongle receiver.

Behringer Ultralink ULM100USB

The selling point of this mic is its convenient USB connectivity and automatic pairing, allowing for wirelessly connecting to other Behringer products and your computer.

The receptor comes in a very small form factor and is powered via USB for convenient and hassle free setup. It will let you connect directly to the Behringer's "Wireless Ready" mixers and active speaker series. Plugging in the receptor to your computer allows for direct recording straight to your favorite DAW.

The Ultralink ULM100USB mic operates on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and comes with digital encryption. This bandwidth is safe from TV and cellular interference, resulting in artifact free and transparent wireless performance. This bandwidth also allows the mic to be used anywhere in the world without the need for special licensing.

According to Behringer, they also prioritized power efficiency when they designed this mic. They guarantee 8 hours performance time with just a pair of AA alkaline batteries, which are readily accessible.

The mic also comes with its own volume up or down controls. To help reduce the stress on the sound engineers that are manning the mixers, this mic comes with a panic function that lets you mute the mic in case of feedback and other situations that require muting.

As expected, Behringer will be selling this mic with an affordable price tag. One package will have a US MSRP of $99.99. A Dual microphone with one receiver package will soon be available, bearing the name Ultralink ULM200USB. For more information, visit Behringer for more.

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