Behringer X32 Producer

Behringer announces the worldwide availability of the X32 Producer, a rack-mountable mixer console with 16 Midas designed preamps.

X32 Producer

This is the most compact of the X32 digital mixer family, bringing the same features like motorized faders and on-board stereo FX racks.


Like other X32 consoles, this one features Midas-designed fully programmable mic preamps that allow for 16 inputs. These inputs are more than enough handle small to medium-sized venue needs.

17 Fully automated motorized 100mm faders will give you tactile control over the mix and at the same time provide a good overall view of the settings. This makes it useful for both live performances or for pairing with DAWs in recording studios.

On top of the preamps, the X32 Producer features 8 true-stereo FX slots that include high-end simulations of popular hardware like the Lexicon 480L and PCM70, EMT250 and Quantec QRS etc. It will let you apply relevant effects like compressors, delays, EQs, reverbs and more. The effects are handled by the unit's 40-bit floating-point DSP.

Connectivity options does not stop with the preamps, there are 8 XLR outputs and 6 additional line in/out ports for more connectivity options. There is also a headphones connector and a "talkback" section with an XLR mic input, which can be nifty for DJs and event emcees.

A 5" day-viewable color TFT display is provided for monitoring your settings and workflow components. You can also pair the unit with an iPad or tablet PC for remote management via freely downloadable apps. This will allow you to adjust the mix as you walk around the venue when wireless connectivity is available. This connectivity option also allows performers to dial-in their own personal monitor mixes quickly and conveniently.

Like most modern mixers, this one comes with a built-in USB 2.0 audio interface for quickly connecting to your computer. The USB connection allows for up to 32 channels of recording and it comes with useful control surface protocols that integrate quickly with your favorite music production software.

Finally the X32 Producer comes with a free download of Tracktion 4, an easy to use recording, editing and production app for Mac and PC. This software will turn the mixer into a compact/portable recording studio when paired with a computer.

The retail price for the Behringer X32 Producer is $1,999.99. For the complete specifications, you can visit Behringer.

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