Bitwig Studio DAW - Coming Soon

The first version of music production and performance software Bitwig Studio is scheduled for release early this year.

Bitwig Studio

The team behind the software will be announcing the release date and pricing of Bitwig Studio 1.0 at this month's NAMM Show.

Bitwig Studio is a DAW software tweaked for live performance use. It comes with a workflow reminiscent of another popular application - Ableton Live. This is not surprising because the upcoming Bitwig Studio is said to be built by former Ableton employees.

Important DAW features are built into the program, including multitrack recording, advanced controller support, 32 and 64 bit VST support, bounce/slice feature, layered editing and many more.

Next to multitrack recording, this upcoming DAW is sought after because it will let you pick between two clip launchers - the "Arranger clip launcher" gives you a non-linear environment for triggering clips in realtime, while the "Mixer clip launcher" provides an alternative view of the clip launcher being aligned with the mixer.

Another cool feature is Bitwig's time stretching and transient detection for handling audio clips. This combines with clip automation and instrument clips that lets you better manage various sound clips and tracks. Essential music production tools are also built-into the DAW including modular instruments/effects, unified modulation system, and layered multitrack editing.

Other convenient features provided include multi-platform support (Mac, PC and Linux), multi-monitor support, multiple document handling, metadata-based track/clip browser and out-of-the-box hardware controller compatibility.

Check out the beta version of Bitwig Studio in action:

The Bitwig Studio team summarize the software as a "multi-platform music-creation system for production, remixing and performance with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow". For more details on what this new DAW can do, visit Bitwig.

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