Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst Multi 2.0

Blue Cat Audio introduces FreqAnalyst Multi 2.0, the updated version of their multi track spectrum analyzer, with improved GUI and performance.

FreqAnalyst Multi is a tool that lets you visualize the spectrum of multiple instances on a single screen for easier detection of overlaps or conflicts.


Version 2 comes with a new interface that provides better readability and efficient workflow. This new interface gives the software a refreshing new look and feel that is easier to navigate and utilize.

The plug-in has an improved note display which now uses a +/-50 value for cents, Graph rulers display can now be easily zoomed and the routing matrix is automatically displayed when opening the plug-in for quicker setups. This version also introduces improvements on the fine edit window display.

Improved value display in fine edit window

You can easily show and hide the things that you need and you can see the Curve names on the graph as an overlay. Multiple display sizes are now supported which makes it easier to use on laptops and tablets. Finally, the software also features new animated transitions.

It also comes with various enhancements and new features that include new presets and a new preset manager, new MIDI automation mapping capabilities, Windows AAX support, and many more.

The new Presets Manager allows you to load and save presets from within the plug-in's interface. You can easily organize your presets into folders and customize even the default preset. This also means that you can now easily exchange presets with other users.

Various customizations can now be done like customizing each parameter of automation range and response curve. You can also easily access the Automation and MIDI settings from within the main user interface. And you can now synchronize all instances with the new version, allowing for an even more efficient use of the software.

Other improvements include reduced VST plug-in loading time, better parameter precision, smaller Mac binaries and compact preset formats. Version 2 also fixes a few Cubase, Wavelab and Digital Performer 7 related bugs on Mac computers.

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi 2 is currently priced at $84, while users of the previous version can upgrade to version 2 for $19.

For more information about FreqAnalyst Multi v2, you can visit Blue Cat Audio.

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