Boss RC-505 Loop Station

Boss unleashes the RC-505 Loop Station, a hands-on looper processor for musicians, beatboxers, singers, rappers and DJs.


This tabletop looper can process up to 5 stereo sample trackes with effects that you can manipulate in real-time. Control over the loop processing is literally at your fingertips, ideal for vocalists, club performers and beatboxers. The hands-on interface provides great control over the RC-505's wide array of loop playback behaviors and effects, which you can use to create loop based music.

The RC-505 Loop Station can play the most number of stereo phase tracks in Boss current lineup of products. You have up to five stereo tracks with independent controls for record, overdub, play and stop, along with dedicated volume faders for controlling the mix as you perform. Each track can have independent tempo sync settings, and their own playback mode including multi, single, one-shot, reverse and more. The number of tracks along with the various modes and tempo settings give you a virtually unlimited range of looping possibilities.

As expected from a Boss effect unit, the RC-505 Loop Station comes with its own set of effects. Input effects like the vocoder and robot can give vocalists and rappers some new sound textures to experiment with, while Track effects like beat repeat and vinyl flick gives you DJ style sampling capabilities over your recorded loops. You can preload six dedicated buttons for quick access during live performances, three for Input FX and three for Track FX. FX knobs are also provided for tweaking the effect parameters in real time. The unit also comes with essential effects like compressor and reverb.

If you like to play around with the settings, you can save up to 99 presets into the unit, this allows you to quickly pull out your settings on all the 5 tracks, effects and playback parameters, much like a patch or preset on other multieffects. The RC-505 also comes with 85 built-in rhythm patterns, which you can either use for your performance, or send to your headphone as rhythmic guides as you perform.

For even more control over your sound, this new Loop Station is controllable via MIDI controllers, expression pedals and footswitches. You can also use the RC-505 as an audio and MIDI interface by directly connecting it into the USB port of your computer.

Pricing information is still not available, for further details on the Boss RC-505 Loop Station, you can head over to Boss.

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