Cakewalk Sonar X2 - Now Available

Cakewalk Sonar X2 is now available online or through retailers, featuring improved Skylight interface and other enhancements.

Cakewalk Sonar X2

The most noteworthy improvement of the new Sonar X2 DAW is its improved Skylight interface. This interface gives you a clear and configurable creative space, allowing you to conveniently adjust what you see on your screen to match your workflow. The new interface is also designed to better utilize high-resolution, widescreen displays. The changes improve on the already impressive ergonomics of Sonar.

With the Skylight interface of Sonar X2, you can easily dock windows where they feel best, instantly switch between configurable Screensets, and navigate with unparalleled speed and precision with Timeline Zoom, Auto Zoom, and the enhanced Aim Assist. It can even automatically switch tools and snap settings based on context and zoom level giving your more time to produce music and less time tweaking the software.

Aside from improving the interface Cakewalk also improved the Smart Tool. It is meant to virtually eliminate the need to change tools, and in X2, the most common functions don't even need modifiers. With the improved Smart Tool, editing is more seamless and fluid.

Improved automation features will help with streamlining and improving the dynamics of your mixes. New automation functions such as latch, touch and overwrite and punch further improves your music production. The Matrix view was also improved to provide better latency.

Cakewalk also provides better sharing and social media integration with its SoundCloud support. You can now distribute your own music and notify your fanbase instantly. You can also export MIDI to your favorite notation software using MusicXML, burn CDs and more.

Sonar X2 now comes with R-mix Sonar, which lets you visualize your mix, allowing you to isolate parts that you want to edit. Another added feature is the Overloud TH2 software amplifier which is specifically designed for use with guitars. Its a digital guitar amp that employs Sonar quality audio and intuitive operation.

This update also includes a modular ProChannel, Breverb Sonar VST, as well as ProChannel Console Emulator. Other notable updates are improvements on the Audio and MIDI engine, better online help, support for Windows 8 touch screen and various other improvements and additions.

Here is a detailed look on the changes between Sonar X1 and X2:

Sonar X2 is currently available in three versions, Sonar X2 Essential is priced at $149, Sonar X2 Studio is mid priced at $249 and the full featured Sonar X2 Producer is priced at $599.

You can get more information about the update and changes from Cakewalk.

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