Composing and Producing Electronic Music Course at now offers an online music course on Composing and Producing Electronic Music and is set to begin on January 9, 2012.

Students of this new music online course will be equipped with the necessary tools in creating and producing contemporary electronic music in various styles.


Modern electronic music styles include trance, electro, glitch, dub, minimal, drum and bass, house, downtempo and techno. You will learn the history of electronic music with audio examples that highlight the important people, technology, and techniques associated with the style.

This is a convenient learning method for artists, engineers and musicians that want to go in-depth with electronic music. With the world renowned Berklee offering the course, you can be assured that the online music course is relevant and that it will help raise the level of your electronic music into professional, industry level standards.

The multimedia lessons will feature a series of videos describing musical, DAW, and synthesis techniques appropriate to the style. For each style, there will also be a research and analysis component, in which students learn to listen critically and adapt to changes in technology and public musical taste. Students will also be creating a complete piece of music using any major DAW that supports AU, RTAS, or VST instruments, including Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, or Live.

The music online course teaches topics like rhythm and harmony within the framework of a DAW. Music examples and lessons become more complex as the course progresses. You will also be learning synthesis which covers the basic concepts and progresses into advanced patch developments.

Loudon Stearns, the course author and instructor is quoted saying: "If you’re a musician interested in adding an electronic flavor to your production, or an electronic producer interested in moving your pieces to the next level, this course is for you.”

Tuition fee for the online course is priced at $1,095 (non-credit tuition) and $1,295 (for-credit tuition). The course will run for 12 weeks.

For more information about the online music course, head over to

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